Friday, April 6, 2007


Well I tried it out! I downloaded USQ Alive to my computer and tried it out. It wasn't that great. I found it to be slow and jerky and the guy Sam (my character) seemed to have forgotten to take the coat hanger out of his jacket before he put it on!
I much prefer being Indiana Jones if it comes to playing that kind of VR type of game. Not really my kind of thing, really. I don't own a Play Station as I think that they are horrible things that kill creativity. My children will just have to grow up without one. Consequently I don't have much time for those kinds of games on computer either - uh unless there's an educational perspective. I mean I can see a lot of benefit in that. I must get into that educational VR experiences. I'll go and find out more now.
Oh yeah, I've almost completed my Item 2 for the first assignment. I also managed to download Snagit to screen dump stuff from the WebCT forums for Item 1 of my assignment.

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