Thursday, April 26, 2007

Inquiry into Farming Life

The Grade 3 inquiry into the Taman Buah Mekarsari activities:

How can we catch a fish with our own hands?

Is it hard to dig the mud?

What kind of soap does a buffalo use to take a bath?

How tall do rice plants grow?

Is the buffalo naughty when we bath it?

Will the fish bite us when we catch it?

Is it hard to plant rice?

How is a rice field made?

Are there dangerous animals in the mud?

And the best one is:

If we put our feet into the mud, will we get stuck there forever?


Philip said...

He he Jane,

I've just used your blog as an example of teachers giving lessons and homework via blogs in my assignment.

You're now a quoted author. Congratulations.

aditya said...

Do we have to answer it.

Joshua Hutabarat said...

Is mud very important to our life? If there is no mud do we still able to plant rice?