Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Homework Task due 27th April

Hi Grade 3, Now that you are all expert at online learning, I want you to choose 5 of your friends blogs and leave a comment. (Choose the blogs that you don't usually comment on) I then want you to write about 5 new things that reading your friends' blogs have taught you. An example below:
1. When I was reading my friend Phill's blog, I saw that he had put links to all of his student blogs on his blogspot. I thought that this was a good idea so now I do that too. (This is a real example Grade 3 because Phill is in my USQ Masters class)


EHM Lumbantoruan said...

Salutation Mrs. Jane.

I'm impressed with your initiatives for using blog to extend and expand unlimited possibilities to interact with your students and parents. Elisa

Jane in Java said...

Thanks for your comment. The Grade 3 students are so proud of their blogs. I'm proud of them too.