Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Farewell Grade 3

Hi Grade 4.

Yes all of you are now in Grade 4! I really loved teaching all of you. Thank you so much for your awesome enthusiasm. I now need your help. I am thinking now about the set up for anak-online. What did you like learning about the most in our e-Learning this past year? Can you make a post to your blog? Is there anything you would like to learn more about in the anak-online tutorial starting the beginning of August? Please make a post to let me know.

Monday, June 4, 2007

GGM Comic Life

1. What is GGM? Where did we get the idea? (Juhee)
2. Logo (Gian)
3. Interviews (Josceline)
4. Signing the Contract! (Josephine)
5. Reports from the departments
· Directors (Kathleen and Aditya)
· Finance (Caca)
· Design (Vanessa)
· Manufacturing (GP)
· Marketing (Graciela)
· Sales (Arvid)
6. Rawa Bening + Sukabumi (Joshua) (Hesky)
7. Making the jewelry (Natasha)
8. Boys choices (Rinaka)
9. Company Meetings (Gaby)
10. 5 Market Days (Matthew) (Kim)
11. Our final result – Mac Mini (Kalista)
I have set up a better wiki and you can access it here.
You type in the password that I told you today and then your name and email address. Inside the wiki you can look for your page and type in your comic plans. It's very easy.

A Great New Web Site!

This site has a lot of great stuff. Thank you Caca.

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Beethoven Link for Recorder Practice.

Hi Grade 3 Musicians!
Here is the sound link for Beethoven's Ninth Symphony that you are learning to play on your recorder. We used this sound file as background music in class yesterday. Please practice with it over the weekend. We will make a recording with your recorder on Monday. We will also record a track using your handmade instruments. I will mix this all together using Garage Band (if I can figure out how to use the program!) so that we can create a new version ourselves.

My Online Flipbook due 8th June

Hi Grade 3 Digital Natives! I would like everyone to make an online flipbook. You can make your own by going to this site.
You will need to register and then make your own in the 'Flipbook Deluxe Creator'. After you save it you can click 'Embed on your site'. You can copy the html code and paste it to 'Edit html' on your post. You will need to make it a bit smaller by dragging the corner of the animation. ENJOY!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Flip Book due Monday 5th June

Your homework this week will be to make a mini flipbook.

You can visit this link for instructions

So get some paper and make one. I want you to use at least 10 pages.

Check out this link to see some videos of some really amazing flipbooks.

Please make a post to your blog about your flipbook.

Well Done GGM!

Today we got our Mac Mini computer using GGM money. It is now working and we will use it to do a lot of wonderful things. I am very keen to explore the program called Garage Band. Tomorrow on Wednesday we will learn to play Beethoven's 9th Symphony on the recorder and I will record this using Garage Band. I will teach the students how to add sound loops to make complete musical masterpieces!