Sunday, April 22, 2007

Study, Study and more Study!

Wow, what a marathon! I spent all day working on USQ stuff! I worked on 'Snaggiting' all my posts on the USQ discussion boards. It was interesting. I dug up all my readings and re-read them - what a stack! Just as well I'm over my flu now. I finally got feedback about and will try to ask Ibu Jenny to send a fax to America so that SPH can have a free blog account there. It is the only blog site on the internet that is controlled so there are no swear words or rude pictures allowed. I want to use this with my students. Actually Blogger hasn't been that bad because my students are learning to deal with the real Internet. I really think that Grade 3 is a good time to start learning in this way. It is much more difficult with my Grade 6 students who think that they know all about the internet - and so they don't really listen to my advice. I am asking them to sign an aggreement before we start. I am pleased to see that some are already taking advantage of my emailing service.

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