Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hardware and Erganomics start 2-4-07

I have spent a lot of time online recently. I have been posting on the Online Curriculum Centre at the IBO but it is very inactive. They have a couple of people who respond - they are employed to do that but otherwise it's inactive. I joined QSITE but their forums were very quiet indeed so I gave up. The LearnEnable has been the best but I feel that because the participants are all from our class it isn't really an 'external' forum. This week I've learned about Hardware and Erganomics. I found in this section a bit about VR Virtual Reality. Wow, I'm very interested in this. Imagine if we had a VR lab at school! I have had a look at Second Life and made an avatar called Safire Jewell.

There is a group here in Jakarta that are set up to design what you need in Second Life, I remember seeing it on TV. This is all very interesting but I'm not sure that I have much time for that kind of thing. My First Life keeps me pretty busy! I have used some VR in teaching but not with the special glasses and glove. (I wish I had access to that - dream on!) A few months ago I took my class to see the Anne of Green Gables house online in VR mode. They loved it! Click here to see it Anne's House.

I've just downloaded USQ ALIVE and I am going to try it out. I'll let you know. I want to find out more about free VR available online. I will post again when I have more info.

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