Friday, April 6, 2007

Little Green Frog

Your fun homework (optional) is to find a free animation (there are lots at - use image search) on the Internet, and then upload it to your blogspot. You will need to cut and paste the URL link in. Don't upload it from your computer but via the Internet. You can write a short poem or a description about it. Email Mrs Jane when you have completed this. Here is an example below:

Oh little green frog!
How you sit patiently, waiting to catch flies.
Your eyes dart, here and there!
They roll around and around as they follow that pesky fly.
Do you ever ponder, wonder, think about your future?
Are you content to live your life in your pond?
What are your wants and needs, little green frog?


Grace in GGM said...

Salutation Mrs.Jane,
Is this our new HW.

Grace in GGM said...

Salutation Mrs.Jane,
I have many blogs. I put this HW in the wrong place. The URL is If it can't just open my blog and view my complete profile.

tasha said...

What a cute poem