Thursday, April 5, 2007

Assignment 1 Item 2

I have spent most of today researching for Item 2 in my first assignment for EDU 5471. I have been all over the internet researching blogs. I have come to a few conclusions:
1. This is a powerful learning tool in so many ways
2. Internet safety is a skill that needs to be taught by teachers, schools and parents to children.
3. The internet is a PUBLIC domain and needs to be treated with caution but when used responsibly can offer so much. Especially in regards to collaborative learning.

Today I also received a strange comment on this blog, which I erased but it made me realize that I need to teach my students how to do that and how to re-configure their blogs to receive comments from only selected people. It wasn't a bad comment but I didn't know the person so I wasn't comfortable to leave it there.


Philip said...

Hi Jane,

I found an article on the moderation aspects of blogging. I'll try and dig out the link for you when I get home, as it's quite relevant to your posting that I'm commenting on here.

Philip said...

Hi Jane,

This is the link I was talking about.

You need to scroll down a bit before it loads.

On the ElearnEnable forum, I'll set up the question so that you can give people an analysis of the situation.

Catch you later.