Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Welcome to Moodle!

Today in the school labcom, the Grade 3 tried out the learning platform Moodle. I have made a virtual classroom online for Grade 3. It was quite exciting for the kids to try this new tool. I have put 3 tasks on there. There are 2 kinds of forums and one assignment. Click here to go to our Anak-Online
Next week we will teach the parents of Grade 3 how to use this tool. All Grade 3 parents are invited to come to the labcom next Wednesday at 1.30pm for eLearning training. I hope to see you there!


Nancy said...

I will definitely be there. I don't want to much far behind from Aditya! C u on Wednesday!

Nancy said...

I will be there on Wednesday.

aditya said...

Mrs. Jane i have a problem to log in please help me. Even with my same password and username I still can't log in. I'll explain more at Monday at school. Send me back a comment.