Friday, May 11, 2007

This Week in Grade 3

As usual we had a busy week in Grade 3. Just to be clear you need to have these things posted on your blog by Monday morning:

  • Your musical instrument plan using pictures or mindmap. You must make the instrument that you made a commitment to make. If you read the rubric you will see that it doesn't have to look like the real version of the instrument but it must work. I will teach you how to play it. I myself, am making a guitar.

  • Your Cup-A Phone writing from class with a diagram/picture that you have made yourself using any program that is on your computer. You must save it as a jpeg image and upload it to your blog. Can you explain what program you used to make the picture?

  • Post 5 comments on your friends' blogs about their Cup-A Phone writing. Try to choose people who you usually don't comment on. Make sure that everyone gets a comment.

I will assess the mud research this weekend and put your results in the post comment.

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