Sunday, May 6, 2007

Remember the Internet Rules.

I just wanted to remind all of you again.

1. Never put your phone numbers, full name or house address in your blogs.
2. Always use your best manners (netiquette – internet manners) when posting messages on your friend's blogs and using emails.
3. Tell your parents and Mrs Jane or Ibu Shirley if you get any strange comments posted on your blog or sent to you by email that you don't understand or make you feel uncomfortable.
4. Never tell anyone your password (except Mum and Dad! - they should know)
5. Remember to keep safe from virus by following Disney Safe Swell Island
6. The information on the Internet can be true and false so don't believe everything.
7. Always ask Mum and Dad first before going on line.
8. Only post free animations and images. Make sure that you don't use something from a CD unless it is a free image. You don't want to break copyright!
9. Write using your own words - don't copy and paste! Always include an alphabetical bibliography. (Bibliography should include pictures sources as well)
10. Consider carefully what personal photos you publish on your blogs as the Internet can be accessed by anyone.

Please help each other to remember these agreements. Report any concerns to your parents or your teachers.


MY BLOG said...

hello!!I am suah from grade.4. I read your blog and it is very pretty!!

Jane in Java said...

Thanks Suah! Why hasn't your blog got anything on it?