Monday, May 7, 2007

The Grade 3 Were Teachers Today

Today Grade 3 all became teachers! They taught the Grade 6 how to improve their blogs. You might think that Grade 6 should know more than Grade 3, but actually when it comes to using blogs - mostly the Grade 3 know more. This is because Grade 3 have been using blogs since early March 2007.
I paired up all the students. For a full hour everyone worked on sharing their knowledge about using the platform. It was a very productive lesson. Initially some students were a little hesitant but once they got into it, all the awkwardness was forgotten.
I think that it was very successful. These children got to know one another better and got to share their knowledge in a meaningful way. Everyone has agreed to 'visit' each other's blogs. Such is the power of eLearning!

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