Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Our Instrument Rubric due Friday 11th May

Hi Grade 3,
Here is our rubric from class today. 3 = 3 points, 2= 2 points and 1 = 1 point. Your total is 9.

The Function
How can we use it?
3. It works. It is strong and able to make a big sound.
2. It works a bit but the sound is not loud.
1. It doesn’t work at all.
What does it look like?
3. It has to be well made. Colourful, with decoration.
2. It has 2 colours only, has no decoration and has some untidy parts.
1. It looks very messy. Only one colour.
How do we know?
3. We must be able to explain about how we made it. How we can use it. Explain how we got our ideas.
2. We know about the instrument but we cannot share our knowledge very well.
1. We cannot say how we made it. We don’t know how we got the ideas.

Please put your plan on your blog. You can make a mind map with any program or use kidspiration. You can download it for a free trial for 30 days from the Internet. Here is the link :

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