Monday, March 12, 2007


I will attempt to teach my students how to create a blog today. They are in Grade 3. We are studying about communication at the moment and I would like them to use their blogs as a personal diary.


Javed Yusuf said...

Hi Jane,
I liked ur blog name "Jane in Java".....
Anywaz yeah...bloggin is a great tool for communication and collobration....not only it helps a user to read but also write henc the improves the literacy level...and besides its fun....wha can be more fun on reciving people's comments about ur blog (basically your feelings, thoughts, actions etc) is helping in craeting one big community of users...
Hop u had fun teaching bloggin to ur class.


Salwa Nabhan said...

Hi Jane,

Well done for trying this with Grade 3 students. I am hoping to start using weblogs with my college students by September after i create some of the courses online.

Please keep me posted of the results.