Sunday, March 25, 2007

EDU 5471

Today I learned about wikis on the internet. I had to participate in a wiki set up by my lecturer. The wiki was Edu 5471 Erganomics. I had to post my comments about the issue of erganomics in my school. Well my comments weren't that complimentary. The furniture used is not very comfortable, especially in the computer lab! I guess it's because there are other areas that need attention more.
The next posting that I will put here will be for my students. I want to start a discussion forum here about Charlotte's Web. We will watch the new movie on this Tuesday. My students have all read the book as a part of their English work.
I have read all the readings that I'd said I would do last week and I was most interested in Downes (2004) 'Educational Blogging'. It was interesting to know that many schools use blogs for digital portfolios. At my school we already use a digital portfolio based on Autoplay and flash. This is then burned onto a CD. We will have our first Student Led Conferences this Friday in which the students will show their Digipots to their parents. We are racing to get them finished!

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