Sunday, March 25, 2007

Charlotte's Web

Salutations Grade 3! Your homework this week is to post a comment about Charlotte's Web on your own blog. We will watch the film together on Tuesday. I would like you to respond to the following:
1. Describe your favourite part of the film.
2. Tell me one thing that was different in the film compared to the book.
3. Find a picture from Charlotte's Web on the Internet and put it in your post. You will need to 'save image as' to your 'My Pictures' in 'My Documents' first before uploading it to your blog spot.
4. Tell me why you think I chose to study this book in connection with the inquiry about Communication.
5. Choose 5 of your friends and post a comment about Charlotte's Web on their blogs. Remember to use your best netiquette.
6. Give your blog address to Mrs. Jane for checking. Descriptive words and consistent tense will earn you extra points in the 'Use English Properly' competition. I will extend this competition until the end of May and there will be 5 trophies to be won!
Finally, go and visit this website

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Javed Yusuf said...

Hi Jane,
Iam absolutely thrilled with your idea of using the concept of blogging in your classroom. You are making good utlilization of the course EDU5471…wat I mean is u r actually practising what you are learning….and its amazing how this concept is being applied to primary level students (or should I say kids)……I work in a University and we or none of the lecturers are not using the blogs…..good on you …Jane

Also interesting is the motivational tactic which are you are using to get ur students into blogging….i mean the Charlotte’s Web movie is something the children would lobve watching and something that they can relate to.

I will be interested in the outcome of this blog activity….do ur students like or I mean enjoy the whole concept of blogging.