Friday, June 1, 2007

My Online Flipbook due 8th June

Hi Grade 3 Digital Natives! I would like everyone to make an online flipbook. You can make your own by going to this site.
You will need to register and then make your own in the 'Flipbook Deluxe Creator'. After you save it you can click 'Embed on your site'. You can copy the html code and paste it to 'Edit html' on your post. You will need to make it a bit smaller by dragging the corner of the animation. ENJOY!


Christiana Louisa said...

Mrs. Jane I have found a great website to make your own flipbook please visit:

Jane in Java said...

This is a great link Tiana. Are you able to put the flip book on your blog?

kathleen said...

Mrs.Jane ,I have tried to make a flip book. Every time I click save, I don't see the word Embed. I also didn't see the HTML code. Please advise. Thanks