Monday, June 4, 2007

GGM Comic Life

1. What is GGM? Where did we get the idea? (Juhee)
2. Logo (Gian)
3. Interviews (Josceline)
4. Signing the Contract! (Josephine)
5. Reports from the departments
· Directors (Kathleen and Aditya)
· Finance (Caca)
· Design (Vanessa)
· Manufacturing (GP)
· Marketing (Graciela)
· Sales (Arvid)
6. Rawa Bening + Sukabumi (Joshua) (Hesky)
7. Making the jewelry (Natasha)
8. Boys choices (Rinaka)
9. Company Meetings (Gaby)
10. 5 Market Days (Matthew) (Kim)
11. Our final result – Mac Mini (Kalista)
I have set up a better wiki and you can access it here.
You type in the password that I told you today and then your name and email address. Inside the wiki you can look for your page and type in your comic plans. It's very easy.

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